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Game Programming

This is a good tool to get kids and beginners introduced to the basic concept of game programming. I use scratch in my computers class to teach HS kids these fundamentals.

Chris Andrews

I'm planning to use an adapted version of this at an interview lesson on Monday.

A couple of things that I'm changing though to make it a little more efficient/easier to explain are as follows:
Put a forever in the first when click green flag instruction and have 'move [2] steps' in this instruction. This means that I get rid of the Up/Down commands and only have rotate and not move in the left/right commands.
As an extension I later put in a variable of speed that can be changed with +0.2 for Up and -0.2 for Down so students get acceleration and changing of variables (very high ability).

With the 'Say timer' command you may want to put that above the 'Say Well done' command. This means that you won't have to put the minus 2 section into the code (Unless you did this intentionally to show the students operators).

Thank you for all of your resources Simon, there are so many amazing lessons on here that I use as regularly as I can to help enthuse and enhance the students learning.

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