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I bought some lego WeDO sets at BETT this year and have been using them with year 5. We haven't yet integrated them with scratch - I noticed the new version of scratch (? 1.4) a couple of weeks ago so will probably save that for next year, but the kids loved working with the WeDO. I modelled building projects for the first two weeks, then set them project briefs to build models to achieve goals for the next few - e.g. one was a car which moved forward and reversed when it hit an obstacle. Another was a fan which changed direction depending on the position of the tilt switch. Although the supplied WeDO software is reasonably easy to use, I suspect the Scratch interface will be easier for them to program (and will allow them to do more), so am looking forward to finding out!


But with the scratch you have some resstrictions which the Lego-SW doesn't have:
* With Lego you're able to attach 3 Hubs, each of the capable of attaching 2 devices (motor or sensor).
* With scratch your are able to connect one hub only and on that hub one motor only. You may be able to overcome the latter with abee's (http://scratch.mit.edu/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=500075#p500075) hack, but then you have no access to a sensor anymore.


Hi, I decided to buy some WeDo parts without buying the whole WeDo starter kit because I just want to use them with Scratch. Do you know if Scratch is available to interface with the WeDo USB hub without the Lego software being installed? I don't really feel like paying $80 for a USB driver...

Mr Haughton


You'll be pleased to know that you don't need any Lego software to integrate WeDo with Scratch - just plug it into the PC and Scratch recognises it :-)


Simon Haughton


Hi Simon
We bought just the USB Hub and the motor from Rapid Online. http://www.rapidonline.com/design-technology/9581-wedo-usb-hub-70-6508

So we were up and running for around £35.

We already had a picoBoard, and found that the picoBoard and weDo worked very nicely together. Our results are here http://scratch-for-schools.com/picoboard/

I highly recommend the picoBoard - it looks a little bit "techy" but it is as simple as weDo to use - and it gives you loads of options for new physical inputs. We're really enjoying using it.

We love the site by the way. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for this tutorial. It was really helpful as we get started with using Scratch for WeDo robotic pieces. Thanks!

Sophie Wood

Hi Simon thanks for this here are the build instructions for the different models.

Mike Dowman

I’ve just acquired a WeDo kit, and have been putting Scratch code for the standard Lego models plus more I’ve made myself here:


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